HISTORY - Articles - 20,000 Hours
The following article is from the MCAS Beaufort base paper dated Aug 23, 1968, Pg. 5. Sent in by Gary Herrmann.

Marine Aviation Safety was scored at Marine Corps Air Station when a Marine Aircraft Group 32 surpassed 20,000 hrs of accident-free flying.

The safety mark, over four years in the making, was chalked up by Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 251 (VMFA-251) which flies the F-4 "Phantoms".

According to Captain C.A. Brumbaugh, safety officer for VMFA-251, who confirmed the record with Major L.A. Whiple, F-4 and RF-4 Safety officer, Naval Safety Norfolk, Va.,VMFA,251 is the only Marine Phantom Squadron with more accident free hours.

The present record came at mid-morning last Monday when Colonel R.J. Schriver, commanding officer of MAG-32 and Captain F. W. Space, radar intercept officer, flew the 20,000 hours during local radar training.

In a formal observance of the feat, a squadron formation in front of the 251 hangar was formed, with a cake cutting ceremony, and an address from Colonel Schriver. Afterward, models of the F-4 were presented to the Colonel, Captain Space, and the youngest Marine of the squadron.