HISTORY - ACCOUNTS - Fred Townsley

In 1955 & '56 VMA-251 was Stationed in MAG-11 at NAS Atsugi, Japan (East Camp) and their aircraft were the Douglas Skyraider AD-6 or 7. The reason I remember this was that I was in H&MS-11 and returned to CONUS in Dec.56 to go to AD-B School at NATTC Memphis. Upon completion of B School I was transferred to MCAS Miami and assigned to VMF-251. They had FJ-3 Fury aircraft manufactured by North American. The FJ-3 was an improved model of the FJ-2 Fury which was a Naval Aircraft based on the USAF F-86 Saber Jet of Korean War fame.

Everyone was transferred out of 251 at Miami except for 10 men who were transferred to MCAS El Toro where they reformed the squadron with the F8U-1 Crusader. A side note: The reason Miami was closed was the the jets made to much noise. In Oct. 1962 at the start of the Cuban Missal Crisis, a few F8U squadrons were sent to Miami and the people were thrilled to have those noisy jets back in Miami.