Nuclear Accident Team

Worked in the office as an "Office Pinky", "Remington Raider", etc. MOS was 0141.

Enjoyed my time there and had the opportunity to travel to Albuquerque, New Mexico on the Nuclear Accident Team. It so happened we had a member of the squadron that was from Albuquerque, "Chavez". I called Chavez to see if he would like to go home for a month without using his leave days. I explained he would have to join the nuclear accident team to do this. I figured if he went, we would have access to a car and he would also know his way around, and at that time, hopefully know a few ladies. He agreed, joined, and we had a blast.

I also vividly recall the time I traveled with our squadron to Roosevelt Roads in Puerto Rico for a month. Ernie Loucel, Tom Neuenhouser, and I planned a day trip over to San Juan, and on another occasion, we caught a military flight over to spend the day on St. Thomas.

The rest of the time was spent there on Beaufort, SC 29902. Will I ever forget that address I typed so many times? No, Never! Look forward to hearing from others. There were so many guys and as age creeps up on me, I have forgotten so many names.