Barracks, Hangar Fire


Story: While on Barracks detail had a M/gunny (Top) that used to come and inspect our work, he would even go so far as lifting the lid of the trash cans and sniff to see if they were clean!! Well he was a real #$#%%#%$@#&** kind of guy so we decided to get even. After the next "field Day" we cleaned the trash cans and then ....threw in all kinds of smelly, strong smelling, cleaners we could get our hands on. We put in bleach, ammonia, drano, brasso, comet, and all kinds of soap we found laying around!!! Well we had about an inch of liquid "stuff" on the bottom of that trash can and it was fuming and boiling and making the lid dance around. We waited with baited breath until the "Top" came to our floor.... sure enough he made a bee line to the trash cans and lifted the lid on the first one and took a big sniff, well he kinda jumped back his eyes rolled up in his head and he kinda staggered around and then slammed the lid down on that can and mumbled "very Good" and staggered off! forgetting our inspection. He never sniffed another trash can again, a small victory for "THE SNUFFIES".

Hangar Fire

Story: Any one out there remember the Fire in the Hanger? It had to be in the early 70's. I was looking through my old "Stuff" and found a unit patch with the lower left side burnt and remembered "The Fire". It was in the small room to the left of' Comm/Nav I think it was either supply or the tool crib, it had stuff you could buy and a coffee pot where you could buy a cup. Well the coffee pot shorted out and started a small fire that was quickly put out. While the snuffies were cleaning up the mess they found that several of the unit patches that were stored there had gotten burnt and were giving away these "defective" patches for free, I quickly snagged one of the patches because they had been selling for about $2.00 and that was unaffordable when base pay was $46.00 a month. That burnt patch is one of the few reminders I still have of Good old 251 and I remember that fire every time I see that patch.